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Frenquelty asked questions

How we film the wedding day

We aim to blend in on your wedding day, so we turn up looking similar to wedding guests, but a bit more practical and with camera gear.

We film in a relaxed and unobtrusive way, to not disturb memories that are being made and with our attention to detail and sharp eyes, we rarely miss a moment unfolding. We always have two sets of eyes allowing us to double the moments that we capture.

On the wedding day, we split up, one with the bride and one with groom. We start when you like us to start. If you are doing some thing in the morning, like a dip in the sea, group breakfast or decorating the reception. We want to come! So let us know.

Throughout the rest of the day we are busy capturing moments in different ways and styles. With Frankie having training in cinema cinematography, we know how to capture a balance of the day to create a well represented wedding film; everything is documented well with multiple microphones to get the crispest audio.

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