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About our original, signature style films

Our time with your wedding film is short. We work on creating it for two months and then it belongs to you and your family for the rest of its time. We understand this so we create films for you, not for our portfolio. Our films re-create the emotion, feeling and the personality of your wedding day. We aren’t alternative, traditional, for big weddings or elopements. We are for being yourself. We will take time to understand your unique qualities and make them shine in your wedding film.

We use our pre-meetings to really understand who you are, what your wedding is about, what you want from your wedding film and how we will tailor the films to what you want to see. A good example of this is, it is your choice how much of the ceremony you want in the film, or if you want the full speeches or just the highlights.

After the wedding day we use this information to make sure the content is what you want. Then we focus on the feeling of the film, with the knowledge from our pre-meetings, and through technical editing story telling techniques, we create the precise mood that all of the individual parts of your day had. Extending the emotion of the imagery to the editing style with music that you like, to create a film that you will love.

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